Not genZ but want to support us? Apply to Mint a Supporter NFT →


What if I'm not genZ, but I want to get involved?

If you’re not genZ, right now is your best opportunity to get involved. We have launched a Supporter NFT for special supporters. We only have 33 NFTs so we're choosing select individuals. The price of the NFT is .420 ETH, less than half of what a genZ member contributes to the DAO!

We’re looking for new opportunities to expand into, and we need the best supporters to make our vision a reality. Apply to mint a Supporter NFT →

Current supporters include Peter Pan from 1kx, Anil Hansjee from Fabric Ventures, Christina Beltramini from Aave / Lens, Flex from Krause House DAO, Deana from BoysClub, and many more...

Artwork by jayislate.eth

*The following FAQs are for genZ

Do I need web3 experience?

No! Web3 experience is not required.

Do I have to be in the US?

No, The Symmetrical is global.

What is a token?

The more capital you deposit, the more tokens you receive. As of right now, tokens equate to voting rights. We vote on whether or not we, as a DAO, want to invest in a NFT or token or execute another strategy for our treasury.

How do we bring monetary value to token holders?

As of today, we invest in NFTs and tokens, consult with major consumer brands (15% of expenses go to the treasury), and we reserve the right to a token warrant for early-stage startups we give a grant to. We're working on generating revenue for the DAO through investing and consulting, and we’re also exploring other ways like content creation to bring more value to token holders. 

What does Season 2 look like?

  • Bi-monthly community calls
  • Bi-monthly virtual social hangouts
  • Monthly fireside chats
  • IRL kickbacks
  • IRL pop-up / collab events
  • Private Discord & Telegram