The Symmetrical

A genZ DAO exploring web3 investing.

Season 2:

  • Learn how to invest in web3 with others your age
  • Meet your future best friends at our social events ( & IRL)
  • Be a part of the latest conversations in web3
  • Form deeper relationships with 1:1 matchmaking
  • Learn from top professionals in your field


We use Syndicate to manage our investments. The platform allows us to pool our money to collectively invest in o-chain assets and startup equity. The process consists of each of us depositing a minimum of $1k into our DAO’s multi-sig wallet. Our goal for Season 2 is to raise ~$60k. 20% of that will go to expenses. We will then use that money in our wallet to invest in opportunities, which we all vote on in Snapshot.

Our Thesis

We believe blockchain technology will disrupt traditional economies and cultures. As the technology develops, more sectors will acknowledge and accept cryptocurrency as a viable financial system. That’s why we’re investing in web3.

Our Members

Season 1 consisted of 40 creators from places and schools like Uniswap, Meta, and Cornell University. Our members and backers want to be more involved in the web3 space. Our members embody our core values: to be daring and authentic. We're looking for genZ who are passionate about learning how to invest in web3 while making new friends from cities across the globe.

How to Join

Once you’ve filled out the member application, an admin will reach out to you to schedule an intro chat. After the intro chat, the next step will be meeting with a current DAO member. Once you're accepted into the DAO, an admin will send you a link to the DAO’s deposit page (Syndicate account). You’ll then connect your web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask). Next, enter how much you want to deposit into the DAO. Approve the deposit and receive our $TSYM. Don't worry, we will walk you through all of this. Once you receive the DAO’s tokens, we will send the invite link to our Discord, Telegram, and token-gated website.

What is a web3 wallet →

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What are Tokens?

The more capital you deposit, the more tokens you receive. Tokens equate to voting rights. The more tokens you have, the more votes you have in the DAO. We vote on whether or not we, as a DAO, want to invest in an idea.

Member Application

Applications are LIVE

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Contact Us

Erika Echaniz: [email protected]

Jakub Rusiecki: [email protected]

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