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A genZ DAO on the forefront of the internet

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  • Learn how to invest with others your age
  • Work with major web3 projects like metaverse record labels and social protocols
  • Network with founders and investors
  • Meet your future best friends at our social events (online & IRL)
  • Learn from the best minds in web3 at our fireside chats
  • Be a part of the latest conversations

What We Do

We create opportunities for ourselves.

The Symmetrical is a DAO that consists of 60 genZ. We pool in our capital so that we have more money to invest in NFTs and tokens, share knowledge to improve our investing confidence, and make friends along the way. We also consult with major web3 brands so that members can get more valuable work experience. Lastly, we network with web3 x consumer founders to be up to date on the latest products.

We use Syndicate to manage our capital. The process consists of each of us depositing a minimum of $1k into our DAO’s wallet. 20% of the total raised will go to operational expenses. We operate in 6 month Seasons and we're currently halfway through Season 2. This season we have four teams: Investments, Consulting, Content, and Fin. & Ops.

Members who don't contribute to a team are considered Citizens 🤠. These are members who explore the DAO and attend meetings, social events, and fireside chats. Contributors ✏️ are those who participate to at least one team. Team leads are Mayors ⭐.

Who We Are

We come from 10+ countries representing brands and organizations such as Unstoppable Domains, Techstars, 1kx, Skale, Roll, Cornell University, Duke University, and many more.

How to Join

Mint a FREE NFT to join our Season 3 Waitlist →

We are launching Season 3 in May 2023. A core team member will reach out to you to schedule an intro chat. After the intro chat, the next step will be meeting with a current DAO member for a vibe check. Once you're accepted into the DAO, you'll receive TSYM tokens that represent your share. After that, we will send the invite link to our Telegram and Discord. Don't worry, we will walk you through all of this.